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Real Cannabis Traceability.
Simply Tap. Tap. Trace.
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Dauntless Software, Inc.
Real Cannabis Traceability! Simply Tap. Tap. Trace.
TraceWeed Logo
Dauntless Software, Inc.
Real Cannabis Traceability! Simply Tap. Tap. Trace.
TraceWeed Logo
Dauntless Software, Inc.

New Dauntless and GIANT Rollout!

We are in the process of transitioning our business, branding, and messaging! We have a lot to announce and a lot of changes coming to the Dauntless Inc site! Watch our twitter, facebook, and other social feeds for the announcements and new direction of the company in the next few days!

Washington Leaf Transition Notice!

We have transitioned over to integrating with the Leaf system as of 2/1/2018. Please follow the instructions on our Leaf Setup page at your earliest convenience if you are a customer of TraceWeed in Washington State.

NFC Enabled App
TraceWeed is state-of-the-art, affordable, usable traceability for the cannabis industry.
When you have TraceWeed as your traceability solution, you will more effectively manage your full plant and product lifecycle including seeds, tissue, clones, plants (and mothers), harvests, products, quality testing, samples, waste management, shipping, and receiving.
TraceWeed’s PC and mobile applications work together smoothly in a way that maps to your business needs and include time saving features and exceptional support.
Unlike most of our competitors, TraceWeed is designed to meet YOUR business needs and passes only the appropriate data through to state compliancy systems when neccessary rather than reskinning the state offered system and using its backend for data storage (relenquishing control of your data).
TraceWeed Demo
TraceWeed Service Highlights
  • Intuitive mobile and PC integrated applications that do more than just compliance reporting so that you can be more productive doing what is most important: growing your business.
  • Central state compliancy system integration so that you can meet licensing traceability requirements with a lot less hassle and a lot more automation, giving you a better ROI.
  • Automated nightly synchronization and validation of compliance data with state systems.
  • Automated import for facilities already running on a "free" state system or other traceability software.
  • Functionalty that makes it easy during your first 15-day new-licensee window.
  • Smart card and hardware secured interfaces so you know that only those that are authorized to access your data CAN access your data (no login/password combinations to memorize or leave lying about).
  • Compatible with off-the-shelf windows devices and a Windows PC, laptop or tablet (no proprietary hardware or servers needed).
  • Option to use RFID, NFC, or combination tags in your facility for the same license costs (hardware costs are separate, tags are re-usable 10,000 times each).
  • Tagging
  • A fully integrated, dynamic, custom label designer interface so you can create all of your product and identification labels as you want them with data pulled directly from the traceability system to keep your labels compliant.
  • We are based in Washington State (in the heart of one of the first two states to legalize) and our staff are all long-term tech industry experts.
  • Exceptional support services available when you need them. We answer the phone when you call and we work with you to resolve any issues that come up in a timely fashion as fast as we can and give you a time frame for when it can be done. You don't have to wait for days to hear from our team or talk to someone out of the country that doesn't know anything about the software like you will with some of our competitors.
  • TraceWeed was developed in conjunction with WA cannabis producers and processors in order to get the functionality flow to work how you actually do the work (not some flow thought up by techs).
  • Dauntless is an agile development company so new features and improvements are constantly pushed to our clients and automatically installed on your PC and mobile devices as they become available.
Label Designer
Mobile App
Mobile Highlights
Use the mobile app to manage your grow operation activity or add mobility to your processing facility. This app can be used with or without tags to manage plants, plant groups, clones, seeds, waste, and a lot more. Printing labels for inventory is a snap with the mobile app along with a blutooth printer and the inexpensive reusable (10,000 times each) NFC-enabled tags make keeping track of your plants, harvests, and inventory quick and easy.
Voice Notes
  • Create, tag, and label locations, containers, waste recepticles, rooms, shelves, trays, tables, rows, etc. in a parent/child heirarchy to establish a management grid within your facility for easy inventory management and inspection.
  • Tag and label plants, seeds, clones, plant tissue, and mothers.
  • Create, promote, and move clones, seeds, and plant tissue from mother plants.
  • Creating Clones

    Using the touch-enabled phone menu, navigate to the Create Clones, Seeds, or Tissue from Plants functionality, then:

    • Scan/select an existing Mother plant tag.
    • Tap the first box and select the Inventory Type.
    • Tap the second box and enter the Number of Items.
    • Tap just above (or the phone’s back button) to clear the keyboard.
    • Tap the third box to Name the Group of items, if desired.
    • Tap the Save box.
    • A confirmation message will appear.
    • Review the info for accuracy.
    • If it needs editing, tap “Cancel add” to go back and make changes. Tap Save again when done.
    • If info is good, tap “Confirm add.”
    • The system will be ready to create a new group, if desired.
    • Tap the Exit box to go back to the Clone menu.
    Create Clones

    A state inventory ID for your group of clones is automatically generated. All you have to do now is associate the group of clones with a location (also executed on the phone in just a few taps).

  • Move individual or groups of plants/inventory between locations with easy tap and select interfaces.
  • Scan/select location tags to create strain-based harvests of all or a selection of plants in the location.
  • Print inventory labels from the mobile device to a blutooth mobile printer at the location where the tag is needed.
  • Manage daily plant waste and schedule/move/destroy waste items marked for destruction.
  • Receive manifests and tag new items without the need to go to the PC.
  • Add a note to any item/location in your inventory for keeping track of special circumstances, maintenence issues, water/fertilizer schedules, tasks, etc.
PC App
PC Highlights
Manage company details, vendor information, devices, and more with a simple yet powerful interface.
  • Add or remove employees and manage their access levels.
  • View detailed reports on harvests, plants, lots, and more, all of which can be exported to Excel.
  • Create and manage strains.
  • Manage harvests.
  • Create re-usable product templates called "recipes" and assign custom labels to them.
  • Use the integrated custom label designer to create any and all labels you want to use on inventory or retail products (traceability data is automatically populated) and save them for re-use in recipes.
  • Create, edit, duplicate, roll back, and process received manifests.
  • Manage samples, lots, products, waste, and a lot more.

If you want simple, automated, real traceability for your cannabis facility, contact our team today!

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